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T4K Adults - Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy


What is Physical Therapy?

Often abbreviated to PT, Physical Therapy, or Physiotherapy is a type of treatment you may need after a disease, injury, or disability. If the patient has difficulties to move and perform daily tasks: walking, descending and ascending stairs, getting in and out of bed, car transfer, transfer in/out from the commode or shower, then the patient will benefit from Physical Therapy. In addition, it will increase your physical function, improve your endurance, strength, and alleviate pain, through the use of physical and mechanical means, such as massage and holistic approach. Physical Therapy may help with recovery after some surgeries. A doctor may suggest Physical Therapy for injuries or long-term health problems, such as Arthritis or Osteoarthritis.

Physical Therapy:

Doctors often recommend Physical Therapy for adults who have been injured or who have mobility and balance issues from an illness, disease or disability.

After an injury, Physical Therapists work to decrease pain, improve movement, and help adults return to daily activities. They teach their patients various exercises designed to help them regain strength and range of motion. They also show them and their families how to prevent future injuries.


Physical Therapy might be needed any time a problem with mobility issues limits and affects daily activities. We treat patients with:

  • Back injury
  • Sports injury
  • Orthopedic disabilities/ injuries
  • Vestibular disorders
  • Car accident
  • Foot disorders
  • Gait and balance disorders
  • Exercise management
  • Headaches
  • Post-surgical care
  • Neck pain
  • Exercise management
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Herniated disk
  • Scoliosis

What We Do


At T4K Adults our highly-educated, licensed physical therapist use a variety of treatments to help build strength, improve movement, and strengthen skills needed to complete daily activities.

Our physical therapist guide our patients through: